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Oakland, California

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My name is Jennifer Lea Lampton, and I've been in the website business since the 90s. I believe in empowering all people to manage their own web presence. If I'm doing my job well, then you shouldn't need me at all.

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Jen Lampton

Open Source Evangelist

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Your website should be saving you money as well as helping you achieve your goals. Lower the cost of owning a website by using Open Source solutions.

Web Development

I build beautiful websites for small to medium sized businesses and Non-Profits. My focus is on making long-term website ownership affordable for everyone.

Content Management

I use Content Management Systems so that these websites can be easily updated. Quick changes should require only a login, a password, and some simple training.

Open Source

By using Open Source software, my clients and I both benefit from all the work done by others. Collaboration saves me time, saves them money, and produces better results.


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Jeneration is accepting only Backdrop CMS projects at this time.